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LOT: 042

“Beit HaBechira,” to Meiri, first edition, Livorno, 1795.

On masechtot Nedarim, Sotah, and Nazir, with chiddushim on masechet Shavuot from HaRav Hanmukei Yosef, brought to the printer by the Rishon LeZiyyon HaGaon HaRav Mordechai HaLevi, with an introduction by him. Printed by Eliezer Saadon, first edition, with permissions and introductions in Italian. (1) 8, 129 page. The Rav Mordechai HaLevi, nicknamed the “Malitz,.” Printed over the years during his shlichot a number of books that were in manuscript form, suchc as “Ishi Hashem” by the Ramban on Nedarim, the Ritba on Nedarim, ad more. Bright, thick pages, moth damage mainly on the first pages, mostly in the margins. Ok to good condition.
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