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LOT: 431

Archive of the researcher HaRav Moshe Tzinowitz—hundreds of items!

Large archive, including hundreds of paper items and books, pamphlets, newspapers, whole journals written by hand, documents, and more. Hundreds of items! He was an author and bibliographer, researcher of the history of Israel and personages in Europe, lived 1905-1987, in his youth he studied at the yeshivot of Bialystock, Lomja’ and Mir. In 1925 he arrived in Vilna. He started writing then, and in 1933 he moved to Israel and settled in Tel Aviv, published hundreds of articles on communities and rabbis that were published in the newspaper Das Wart in Vilna, and HaTzofe, also composed the books “Mir” on the city and its large community, as well as “Etz Haim” about the history of Yeshivat Volozhin. Material not checked!
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