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LOT: 088

Sefer Torah set in a small format, on parchment. Aron Kodesh made of wood. Torah cover and breastplate made of silver.

Sefer Torah written by hand on Ashkenazi parchment (Beit Yosef) in a small format with pretty handwriting, a little smudged in parts of the book. Parchment size: 30cm. Writing is in a single hand and complete, the sefer is given in a wooden Aron Kodesh which is 58x29x18cm. Includes a cover made of embroidery work, with lions holding the crown and a dedication from 1927. On There is a small silver breastplate that matches, with hammer work of lions holding the two tablets. Plants and flowers. On the breastplate is a dedication “donated by Rav Simcha Ze’ev Feldsman.” Size: 16x13cm. Weight: 100g. Not stamped. Seems to be from Europe, 19th century. Generally good condition. The sefer is not sold as kosher. From a private collection.
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