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Aspeklaria Hameira – first edition, Furth, 1776

Aspeklaria Hameira, a commentary on the Zohar by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Halevi Horowitz – first edition, 1776. 124 leaves. A magnificent title page with the figures of Moshe and Aharon, title page is detached and blemished. Ancient ownership signature that has not been deciphered. Faded and detached binding. Detached pages. Worming holes. Overall condition: moderate – good. Uncommon book. The author, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Halevi Horowitz (died in 1689), rabbi in three regions of the area of Zamut, Lithuania: Keidan, Vyzuonos and Birzai, author of the book Gaon Zvi on the Talmud (Prague, 1737). The manuscript of this book was in the possession of Rabbi Dov Ber Halevi of Kamenitz, who arranged it for printing, but died before he managed to print it. Miriam, the daughter of Rabbi Dov Ber ‘tearfully’ asked her husband Rabbi Mordechai Madil Segal of Schwabach to agree to print it. He agreed and printed the book, and he was the one to give the book its name – Aspeklaria Hameira.
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