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LOT: 149

Eliya Mizrahi on the Torah—Furth 1763, including a map. Copy of Rabbi NoachShachor, father-in-law of the ImreiEmet of Gur.

SeferEliya Mizrachi on the Torah, with many approbations given to this edition. In this edition, the words of Rashi are printed in square letters and the Biur Mizrahi commentary in Rashi script. This commentary is the most important and central commentary on Rashi's commentary on the Torah, by Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrachi (Ra'am). In ParshatMasei (page 211) is a map of Israel, in which the east faces upward. This map, first printed in the year 1717, is drawn primarily in straight lines and in squares and rectangles, is the first Hebrew map ever printed, printed by Itzik, printed in Fürth 1733. 2, 241 page. 33 cm. Moth holes mainly at the beginning and end of the book. Various stains. At the end of the book on several leaves, the tears were pasted and completed in fine handwriting. Old binding with leather spine, damaged. Overall good condition. Signatures of important ownership: - "Noach son of Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Black of Biala" - "Yitzchak Chaim Katz Rapaport" - "Moshe TzviNeoomist" - Dov Ber in Rabbi Eliezer ... from Biala - "Naftali Hertz Cohen" and many other important signatures that were not checked thoroughly. Rabbi NoachShachor of Biala (died 1910) was a prodigious prodigy of the Sherif of Kotzk, Chidushei Harim of Gur and other great rabbis of Poland, Rabbi of Biala, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter of Gur, author of "ImreiEmet" [OtzarHaRabbanim 15823, AlfasiHasidut 1977, p. 234]. Rabbi Yitzchak Chaim Rappaport (1852-1921), Av Beit Din of Ostrova and later in Krakow, son of Rabbi Shabtai of Dubrovka and son-in-law of Rabbi Ze'ev Nahum Bornstein of Biala, author of Agudat Azov, father of the AvneiNezer. "He was so well-disposed" that it was correct to take off his shirt in the street and give it to the poor who happened to have it. " His brother-in-law Nezer greatly appreciated him, and he writes in his responsa: "And his father-in-law, the rabbi, was always a wonderful person in Pomegia. My son-in-law is my book-box, as many have testified." "In his book of his brother-in-law, the author of the Kochav of Yaakov (his father's son-in-law).
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