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LOT: 111

Or Pnei Moshe—first edition, Mastrich 1810, complete, handsome copy in the original binding, including rare endorsements.

SeferOhrPnei Moshe, on the Five Books of Moses and Five Megillot, a work ofChassidut by Rabbi Moshe Sofer Stam of Peshawarsk - First Edition, Mastrich 1810. 4, 240 pages. 21.5 cm, including rare endorsements printed in small print, and added after printing to some copies.StepanskyHassidut #32. Rare and magnificent copy, not seen for many years in sales, original leather binding with decorations and the title of the book on the boulevard, with slight flaws; in very good condition. The margins of the pages are kept in red color, the pages are partly blue, tearsto a few pages at the beginning and end of the book, on one of the leaves some letters are slightly hidden, few moth holes, and in general very good general condition. This book was published by his son-in-law Israel Dov Ber Shlomo and his father Rabbi Menachem Nachum of Naples, in which he is decorated with the approbations of the Chassidic masters of that generation, including Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, the Maggid of Kozhnitz, Rabbi Ephraim ZalmanMargaliot, the Seer of Lublin, the "OhevYisrael" of Apta, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov [who writes: “And there is a hand in the open and hidden, and all the raz is not Anis li"], the "Beer Mayim Haim"and more. The author often cites the words of Rabbeinu Moshe Alsheich and cites his words and explains them. The author of the Sefer of Lublin, with his consent: "... When I was a child I used to change his ways and drank his loyal days, and I knew that all his affairs were only for the sake of Heaven, A step that the late Gaon Rabbi Moshe Alsheich would have revealed to him ... "The sons of Rabbi Zusha of Manipoli write with their agreement:" We have come to what we have heard from here, the Holy of our Lord, the righteous [Rabbi Zusha of Manipoli] When he was studying, his image was standing before me as the angel of the Lord of Hosts, and as the author of his holy book, the blade came out of his written holy letters. All of this we heard from his holy mouth ... "Rabbi Moshe of Peshawarsk (one of the twelve of Tevet 1806) was one of the greatest and most important Chasidut movement in the fourth generation. One of the greatest disciples of the Maggid of Mezritch and Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhansk. Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhansk (who testified about him: "Who saw King David, who was the most famous of the Hasidic sects, Rabbi Isaac of Izdzyszów, Rabbi Baruch of Mezibóz, etc. In a letter from Rabbi Moshe to Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rymanov, he writes that he is paid red gold for tefillin, but he does not Among his students are: Rabbi Zvi Menachem - son of Rabbi Zusha of Annipoli, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov "Bnei Issachar", Rabbi Moshe of Sambor and Rabbi Ya'akov of Moglnitza
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