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Collection of 7 illustrated facsimiles of the Pesach Haggadah, one of which is a special “pop up” edition.

1. “Pop up” Haggadah of the Birds Head Haggadah. “Artistry that brings enjoyment to the adult and amuses the child.” Published by Koren, Jerusalem 1997. Very good condition. 2. Facsimile of the Amsterdam 1737 Haggadah. Handwritten on parchment in print letters. With partial translation into Yiddish. No name and year of printing. Very good condition. 3. Facsimile of the Copenhagen 1739 Haggadah. Written and illustrated by Uri Feivush Segel, a sofer stam in Altona and Hamburg. Nahar publication, Tel Aviv 1986. Very good condition. 4. Facsimile of the Altona Haggadah, Ashkenaz 1738. Written and illustrated by Yosef Ben David of Leifnick. Collection of the Rosenthaliana Library, Amsterdam, Manuscript #382. Published by V. Turnovsky Ltd, Tel Aviv 1987. Very good condition. 5. Facsimile of the Bordeaux Haggadah, written and illustrated by Yitzhak Tzoref 1813. Published by Nahar-Stavit, Tel Aviv 1987. Very good condition. 6. Facsimile of a Pesach Haggadah in a siddur, Mantua 1840. Very good condition. 7. Darmestatt Pesach Haggadah, 1733. Ok to good condition.
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