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LOT: 046

Collection of books and booklets, some rare, from mussar rabbis and heads of yeshivot

1. Articles from conversations with Rabbeinu HaGahach, Maran Yerucham HaLevi (Leibovitch—mashgiach at the Mir Yeshiva), taken from his handwritten letter to a student. Booklet published by the Secretariat of the Mir Yeshiva, Sivan 1938. Torn binding. [1] page, 27-36 pages. Moth holes and tears in the corners, no damage to text. Generally ok to good condition. Rare booklet. 2. Conversations with the Saba of Slobodka, Rabbi Natan Zvi Finkel, published by the Avraham Zioni Books of Tel Aviv, 1955. Cover on the binding is torn, a little defective. Last packet is detached. 3. An article spoken by the Righteous Rabbi Horwitz [Rabbi Yosef Yosel - the grandfather of Nobredok] at the opening of the fourth meeting of the Novrydok Yeshivas, which was in Hommel - Third Edition Jerusalem, 1938. Tears and minor stains. 4. Or Yahel, Studies in Morality and Awe by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Chasman, Spiritual Director at the Hebron yeshiva "Knesset Israel" - First Edition Jerusalem 1938 | Tear with deficiency in title page, tears and various stains 5. Light of the Cipher, Conversations and Behaviors of the Rebbe Maran Natan Zvi Finkel. Booklet 2 - Kovno Nissan 1928. Various spots. 6. The Book of the Mind, a moral by Rabbi Mendel Mastanov, published by the Federation of Slabodka Students in Lithuania - Kaidan 1936. Various drawings and highlights in blue pen. 7. Wise and Moral Book, Articles and Letters from the Rebbe Simcha Zisel of Kelem, published by theBeit Yosef yeshiva Frankfurt – Zeilsheim - Masora Press | 1948. The p. Pp. The book is not finished in print and ends in the middle [similar copy exists in various libraries]. 5-136 pages. No binding. Detached pages. Various stains. The book does not end in this printing, it cuts off in the middle [a similar copy exists at various libraries]. 8. Na’aseh v’Nishma, remarks made by the head of the yeshiva [Rabbi Yehezkel Sarna] at the pre-memorial ceremony for the gaon Rabbi Zvi Pesach Frank and later in conversations before the yeshiva members "Y, at the Hebron Yeshiva, Knesset Israel Issue of Jerusalem - Published by the" Mishpat "Institute by the Hebron Yeshiva Probably 1953. Various stains. Slight tears at edges. 9. Collection of issues told by Rabbi HaMashgiach [Gaon Rabbi Yehezkel Levinstein] at the Ponevezh Yeshiva during the Six Day War, compiled from student notes - Bnei Brak 1967. Various stains. Changing situations, good general condition.
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